European Open Experience

The European Open Experience

Being the most notable tournament in Europe, not only the players but often also the spectators travel great distances to see the best players of this sport.

Everyone who's been involved with the European Open's in the previous years can admit, that the tournament is an experience like no other. The European Open is known for it's hospitality, top-level professional atmosphere and the biggest and most generous payout in Europe. It is hard to describe what it is like to be a competitor of the EO. The thrill of playing on one of the best courses in the world, the extremely competitive field of players and the international atmosphere add up to an unparalleled experience for everyone involved. We, as tournament organizers take a lot of pride in what we do and we always aim to make the next tournament better than the previous one (Heck, better than any tournament ever). According to many of you guys, we've so far succeeded to raise the bar every time and we definitely aim to do it again this year.

The European Open course is well-known for how well it's manicured. 100's of hours of work is put to setting up the layout for the enjoyment of the players.

This year we want to push the experience to a whole new level. When going trough feedback from EO2011, many players stated that the only problem with the tournament was that it did not last forever. Unfortunately, despite numerous efforts, we couldn't be able to tie the fabric of time to a never-ending loop around the end of July this year, so did what we consider to be the next best thing:

Introducing: The European Open Experience

We would like to welcome you to the European Open Experience. This year the Experience consists of three main events over the course of 10 days held in two beautiful Finnish cities. The events are the following:

The European Open Preliminary

The first international Disc Golf event ever to be held in the beautiful Turku, Finland, the Preliminary is held on the weekend before European Open. This tournament is a PDGA A-tier and a part of the EuroTour -series. The Lauste DiscGolfPark is one of the most challenging courses in Finland and is widely considered among the best 5 courses in whole Europe. This event is a prelude to the European Open itself. The world-class players will compete for a hefty 15,000 USD prize purse and the bragging rights for the title of the European Open Preliminary.
More info about the Preliminary here.

The President's Cup

Probably the most prestigious event in our sport, the President's cup is a matchplay event between the finest players of Europe and USA. Only 6 of the the very best male players and 2 of the best female players will get a chance to represent their continent in this historical match-up. This event is the finest showcase of sportsmanship and camaraderie in our sport and earning a spot in a team is a very high honor. If you think you have what it takes, here's how you can qualify.
More info about the President's Cup here.

The European Open

The first ever PDGA Major event held in Europe took place in the beautiful Epilä DiscGolfPark in Tampere, Finland. The year was 2006 and the tournament raised the bar of an European professional Disc Golf event in just about all thinkable means. Since then, tournament has been organized in 2007, 2009 and 2011, each time growing bigger and improving. The cozy Epilä course has been switched to a bigger and more challenging course, nicknamed "the Beast" and widely considered to be the best in Europe. And it's not only the course that has developed. The tournament itself has grown into a super-event of Disc Golf, a rare treat for players and fans alike. A lot of time and consideration has been put to everything from scoring, tournament village, accommodation, transport and players parties. With a whopping prize purse of 35,000 USD, the only feasible reason for not attending this event is disqualification.

Disc Golf is getting really popular in Finland and attracting a lot of young people to play the sport. Can you spot the next Paul McBeth from this group of discgolfing kids?

These three events take course within two weeks of the very best time to visit the beautiful nation of Finland. These events are the upmost pinnacle disc golf tournaments in our sport and for many, being able to attend them is a dream come true. If you have any kind of chance of being part of these events, we highly recommend you do. We'll do the best we can to make your stay unforgettable. If you need a place to stay during the European Open, we highly recommend Spa Hotel Rantasipi Eden, the official tournament hotel (Read more here). Accommodation options for the Preliminary tournament will be published later on.

Jump in to the experience, we know it's worth it!

On a course like the Beast, every shot counts. Come and see how a great course design helps you focus to your game.

European Open Experience in numbers

50,000 USD total purse

152 kilometers (From Turku to Nokia)

10 days (plus recommended practise and leisure days)

7 tournament rounds of Disc Golf (more if you earn a spot in the President's Cup)

3 separate events

2 of the best courses in Europe

1 unforgettable experience

Please note: The registration for the European Open 2013 opens February 1st. See the qualifying information here.