Registration phase 1 now open!

As of this date (Feb 1st) the registration phase 1 for European Open 2013 has been opened. At this point all current PDGA members rated 975 and higher in the MPO division and 900 and higher in the FPO division are eligible to registrate. Please find qualification standards here. We run updates to the registered players list once every week, and only at this point will the registered players be added to the registered players list.

Reminder 1: Please note, that to be eligible to register, you must be a current PDGA member. If you can not register for this reason, be sure to pay your PDGA membership fee as soon as possible.

Reminder 2: To be eligible to compete in the European Open, a player must have passed the PDGA certified officials test. You can find the test here.

Proceed to registration here.