Tournament field almost full

Like every Friday, we have just updated the registered players list. The 2nd registration phase opened 1 week ago and, as expected, the players came storming in. Within the last week, we've received registrations from 77 new players from around the world, hungry for the European Open title. This means that the total number of registrants is now 133, while 168 players will be accepted to the tournament.

Players came storming in as the 2nd phase of registration opened.

Since there are some spots still reserved for different quotas (5 Japanese players, 5 spots from qualifying tournament, 10 wild cards and 2 US players), in actuality there's only 13 free spots left for the European Open 2013 via regular registration. This will most likely mean that the tournament field will be full before registration phase 3. When the field fills up, we will establish a waiting list. On this list, players who have registered during March (phase 2) will be reviewed in registration order. Players who will registrate after March (Phase 3) will be reviewed in rating order at the waiting list.

If you wish to attend the EO2013 and your rating is high enough, NOW is the time to register. Don't miss your chance of being a part of this great event!

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