Player's list update: only 5 spots left!

If you're planning to play at the European Open this year and you haven't registered yet, you probably should head over to the registration page and get it over with fast. We just ran the weekly update to the registered players list and excluding open quotas, there's only open 5 spots left in the tournament. The open quotas include 5 spots for Japanese players, 5 spots for players qualifying from the qualifying event and 10 wild cards.

Do you wish test your game strategy against the brightest stars of our sport on one of best courses in the world? Don't miss your chance to register before it's too late!

When the field fills up, we will establish a waiting list. On this list, players who have registered during March (phase 2) will be reviewed in registration order. Players who will registrate after March (Phase 3) will be reviewed in rating order at the waiting list.

If you wish to attend the EO2013 and your rating is high enough, NOW is the time to register. Don’t miss your chance of being a part of this great event!

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