President's Cup 2011 Team USA celebtrating

President's Cup teams

President's Cup 2011 Team USA celebtrating

The Team USA got to pop the bubbly in the President's Cup 2011.

The Kansas City Wide Open was played during last weekend and the qualification for the President's Cup is now over for both teams. The composition of Team USA changed as a result of the KCWO.

Paul McBeth won the third qualification event in a row in Kansas. McBeth's place in the Team USA was secure before the KCWO, as well as Will Schusterick's and Ricky Wysocki's. The same couldn't be said about the remaining two men's spots on the team that were occupied by Nikko Locastro and Dave Feldberg before the KCWO. Nate Doss at the 6th spot and Devan Owens at 7th had changes to make the team if they played well in Kansas. Owens was left without qualification points at the KCWO but Doss finished 2nd in the tournament while Feldberg was left out of the top 10. Locastro came third in Kansas and kept his position as the #5 qualifier for Team USA but by becoming the runner-up in Kansas Doss replaced Feldberg at the 4th qualification spot and rose to the team. Feldberg qualified as the reserve player for the Team USA.

Paige Pierce (#1), Catrina Ulibarri (#2) and Valarie Jenkins (#3) formed the tightly packed top 3 in qualification standings before the KCWO. Pierce and Ulibarri had the edge but Jenkins had good changes to qualify for the team. Ulibarri came out on top in Kansas, Pierce was the runner-up and Jenkins was 3rd and their positions remained unchanged.

President's Cup 2013 teams

Here are the teams after qualifying events:

Avery Jenkins
Marco Lehousse
1. Will Schusterick
2. Paul Mcbeth
3. Richard Wysocki
4. Nathan Doss
5. Nikko Locastro
1. Simon Lizotte
2. Karl Johan Nybo
3. Tobias Östling
4. Oscar Stenfelt
5. Emil Dahlgren
1. Paige Pierce
2. Catrina Ulibarri
1. Ragna Bygde
2. Natalie Holloköi
Reserve player
David Feldberg
Reserve player
Arttu Sikanen

These teams are still subject to change. All of the players who have qualified for the teams haven't verified their participation yet. Also, the Captain of each team gets to choose one additional male player to their team. The Captain's choices will be announced on July 1st and we should know the final teams by then.

The full qualification standings of the President's Cup 2013.