Registration Starts on April 11th

The registration for European Amateur Open 2018 Weekend 1 starts on Wednesday April 11th at 19:00 EEST (UTC+3). Registration takes place at Disc Golf Metrix. There are 192 spots available in five divisions: MA1, MA3, FA1, FA3 and MJ15. Almost all disc golfers are invited to register as there are no nationality limitations and Disc Golf Metrix is an international platform. Neither a current PDGA membership nor Finnish Disc Golf Association memberships is required at the tie of registration.

Weekend 2 registration starts on April 25th

The registration for the second event, EAO 2018 Weekend 2 starts two weeks later, on April 25th. Registrations of players who already have a spot in the first event are not accepted in phase 1 of the Weekend 2 registration. By doing this we want to ensure that as many players as possible get a chance to compete in one of the events at Nokia this year. The 2017 Amateur Open turned out to be very popular and hundreds of players didn't get a chance to experience the Beast. We want to offer that opportunity now.

At this point we recommend everyone interested in coming to Nokia in June to get ready for the registration. This is an easy task - just check the registration info and create a Disc Golf Metrix account if you don't have one yet.

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