European Open for Mortals

For a long time the Beast has been exclusively accessible for World's top players. Experiencing the stage of the European Open in its full glory was a rare treat for an average disc golfer. Usually this happened on one of the spectator rounds available during the European Open events. The spectator rounds were introduced in 2013 and they've been packed since then. Squeezing in a quick round on a Summer evening is great fun but testing your skills in a tournament setting is a different matter. It adds a unique twist to the experience. So does starting from the first tee and finishing your round by climbing up the hill to the 18th green.

European Amateur Open was organized for the first time in 2017, on the eve of the European Open. The organizers were taken by surprise on the day of the registration as hundreds of disc golfers rushed to seize the opportunity. In the end almost 200 disc golfers had the Beast all to themselves for a weekend in July 2017. However, there we're twice as many people on the waiting list. The message was clear - it was a high time to set the stage and give every disc golfer a chance to test their mettle against the famed Beast.

And here we are. The Beast awaits at Nokia in June and welcomes everyone who is brave enough to face it. See you there!