Weekend 1 Registration Phase 2

Registration for European Amateur Open 2018 Weekend 1 is now at phase 2. There are no more division specific quotas. Unpaid registrants of phase 1 have been removed and those spots have been issued to players on the waiting list in registration order.

These players must now pay the entry fee in one week to confirm their spot in the event. Check the current registration status at Disc Golf Metrix.

Registration for the event is still open and each new registrant will be added to the waiting list.

Wild cards for weekend 1 are still undecided. We will publish the wild card application instructions by May 15th.

One week and Weekend 2 registration starts

Registration for Weekend 2 begins on April 25th. This is a separate event where another 192 players get to experience the Beast in a competitive setting. To register for the event a PDGA number is required and you definitely want to have your Disc Golf Metrix account in order before the registration starts.

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EAO 2018 Weekend 1 registration - Disc Golf Metrix
EAO 218 Weekend 2 registration - Disc Golf Metrix