The European Amateur Open 2018 will be played on a modified course, The Beast -layout, of the Nokia Sports Center DiscGolfPark. Located at center of Nokia, the course offers great facilities for a professional disc golf tournament. The Beast is a diverse course, designed to challenge even the top pros on all aspects of disc golf. The beautiful area has been the stage of previous world class tournaments. It has hosted five European Open events since 2011, European Championships 2005 and Finnish Championships 2012. The course has been slightly modified throughout the years but it has maintained its unique feel and hasn't lost its bite.

The whole course is praised by many disc golfers as one the best and most challenging courses in the world. The first half is set in an especially beautiful scenery of the Nokia Arboretum. The back-9 reveal another aspect of the Beast with water hazards and tightening OBs. Though most of the last nine holes are played in a nearly wide open park, they are by no means any easier than the preceding, more heavily wooded front-9.

2018 edition of the Beast

All players can expect to face largely the same Beast that they've come to know from the European Open PDGA Majors.

Safety & etiquette

The course is located in a public park. Be very careful with your throws - safety first!

  1. You’re responsible for every throw you make.
  2. Make sure that there are no people in front of you. Don’t throw if there are people on the fairway or close to it. Let the group ahead of you get to a safe distance before you throw. (The long par 4 & 5 holes can accommodate two groups playing simultaneously but make sure that the group ahead is at a safe distance!)
  3. Be mindful of other park users. They might not even know that they are on a disc golf course or on a fairway. You can ask them to move to a safer place but please be polite about it. They have the right to use the park too.
  4. Mind your fellow disc golfers as well, whether they are playing in the same group with you or on a hole next to you. Avoid from making unnecessary noise or movements when other players are concentrating on their throws.
  5. Leave the park in good condition after you. Take with you what you bring with you - do not litter.
  6. The obstacles are meant to be there. Do not damage the trees or other plants, the same goes for man-made obstacles.
  7. If a group that is playing faster that you reaches you it’s polite to let them pass you. If you’re playing faster than the players ahead of you, you can ask them to let you play through.
  8. Return all discs you find to their owners or to the tournament center, when it’s open.

Changes to 2018 Beast

There are a few changes that we've had to make though:

  • Hole 3: Par 4, 270 meters. This long hole has been a par 5 and it's distance will remain the same, but the city was forced to cut quite many sick trees from the first half of this hole. As a result the hole lost quite a bit of it's bite and par value 4 is more fitting for the hole from now on.
  • Hole 8: Par3, 57 meters. This hole is played from the permanent tee for safety reasons. The construction site on the other side of the building next to this hole eats up so much parking space from the businesses close to this hole that we can't rob their parking space this year. Enjoy a welcome breather on this one!
  • Hole 10: Par 3, 85 meters. This is a completely different hole from the traditional par 4 over a football field. The football season is at its peak in June and the fields are constantly in use. There's a CTP competition on this hole on both weekends.
  • Hole 11: Par 3, 110 meters. The tee has been moved closer to the basket due to safety concerns.
  • Hole 15: Mandatory added to the left side. The (blind) lefty RHBH hyzer line over the road was becoming scary & dangerous.

Please note that some additional tweaks might still happen in addition to ones mentioned above. But nothing significant.

Course map

Click the image to view the course map in full size.

Check the caddie book of the 2018 European Amateur Open for more detailed info on each hole.