European Amateur Open 2018 consists of two main events, European Amateur Open Weekends 1 & 2, and a week of disc golf activity between the events. This page focuses on the weekend events. Information about other events will be published later on.

Event format for both events

  • PDGA B-tier.
  • Two 18-hole rounds, one round per day.
  • Staggered starts at 10-minute intervals.
  • Max. 192 players
  • Available divisions: MA1, MA3, FA1, FA3, MJ15. (Pros playing Am applies.)
  • PDGA membership is required from all participants. Finnish players must also be SFL members. (Neither is required at the time of registration though.)

Check the registration info for more details about registering for one of the events.


  • 9.-10. June 2018 - European Amateur Open 2018 Weekend 1. (Sat-Sun)
  • 16.-17. June 2018 - European Amateur Open 2018 Weekend 2. (Sat-Sun)

General Info

  • The official channel of information of European Amateur Open 2018 is events website
  • We recommend you to follow the posts on Facebook and in Disc Golf Metrix too.
  • PDGA's Official Rules of Disc Golf are followed in European Amateur Open.
  • In case of unclear situation during the round, play provisional throw and contact Tournament Director immediately after the round.
  • First Aid Station is located in the tournament center.
  • In case of emergency, contact 112.
  • Address for the Tournament Center and course is Hinttalankatu 6, 37100 Nokia. (Nokia indoor ice rink.)
  • Contact info for tournament directors:
    • Jukka Teräs, , +358 40 538 7464
    • Juho Vähätalo, , +358 44 584 6584


Course is reserved for EAO players' practicing:

  • Friday 8th June, noon-sunset : Course reserved for EAO 2018 Weekend 1 players.
  • Friday 15th June, sunrise-sunset : Course reserved for EAO 2018 Weekend 2 players.

Check the schedule for more details.

Player sign-ups

Players must register at the tournament center before starting their 1st round of the event. Please register at least 30 minutes before your round, as you'll receive your player pack when you register. (Unless you intend to play with the HeroPack.)

Player sign-up times, Weekend 1:

  • Friday 8.6. 14:00-18:00
  • Saturday 7:30-15:30

Player sign-up times, Weekend 2:

  • Friday 15.6. 16:00-21:00
  • Saturday 7:30-15:30


The field between holes 1 and 2 can be used to warm-up before tournament rounds. Always be careful with your throws as transition from hole 1 to hole 2 goes through this field. Players should stay close to the northern edge of field when moving from hole 1 to hole 2.

Two baskets will be provided for putting and a net for harder throws. The field is about 70 meters long, so you have room for approach shots as well.

Practicing on the holes is forbidden during the tournament rounds.

Tee times

Tee times for 1st round of both events will be published here two days before the round.

Tee times for 2nd round of both events will be published here on Saturday evening after the 1st round has been completed.

Check the schedule page for tee times when the time comes.

Players should arrive at the 1st tee 10 minutes before their tee time. First tee time for each round is at 8:00 and last tee time at 16:00.


Top 3 of each division will receive a trophy and merchandise prices:

  • 1st place: 150€ InnovaStore gift certificate.
  • 2nd place: 100€ InnovaStore gift certificate.
  • 3rd place: 75€ InnovaStore gift certificate.

CTP competition on hole #10:

  • CTP-competition is divided in two groups between divisions: MA1 & MA3 will compete for the same prizes and FA1, FA3 & MJ15 competes for the same prizes.
  • First round prize is Discmania water bottle.
  • Second round prize is InnovaStore gift voucher. 

Prizes and taxation

Check that you have the correct contact info in your Metrix profile. We'll use the email listed in your Metrix profile when we contact you about the InnovaStore gift vouchers. We need to report the prizes to the Finnish tax administration. No prizes will be sent without proper info. You'll be contacted about the necessary info within three working days after the completion of the event.

Tobacco policy

Use of all kinds of tobacco products is prohibited during tournament rounds. This starts from the moment the player enters the 1st tee area before his tee time, until his scorecard has been returned to the tournament center. This prohibition includes all smoking and chewing tobacco products (excluding nicotine gum) as well as electronic and vapor cigarettes.

PDGA tobacco policy is available here. (Tobacco policy covers all A- and B-tier events in Finland. This is degreed by the Finnish Disc Golf Association.)

Tournament Center

  • You can find info, Pro Shop, kiosk, lost ’n found box and TD’s office from the tournament center.
  • Tournament center takes place in Nokia ice rink, right next to the first tee of The Beast.
  • Parking lot is in front of the Tournament Center. If the parking lot is full, please use the parking lot of Nokia high school, which is close to the course. (Address: Kylmänojankatu 3, Nokia)
  • Tournament center is open from 30 minutes before the first tee off of the day, until the last scorecard is returned. (Approximately 7.30-20.00.)
  • Return scorecards to the info at the tournament center.
  • Lost property and discs has an own box at the tournament center.

InnovaStore Pro Shop & Kiosk

  • Check the opening hours for InnovaStore Pro Shop from the schedule.
  • Kiosk is open at the tournament center's opening hours.

Course – The Beast

  • The course is located in a public park. Respect the other park users and don't throw until it's safe. Be polite when interacting with the other park users. You are welcome to ask them to move to a safer place but please be nice about it.
  • Course map will be published on the website of the European Amateur Open. There are few small changes compared to the previous years. Check the course info here.
  • There are temporary toilets on the course. Between holes 3 & 9 and between holes 11 & 15. Check the course map for exact locations.
  • You can refill your waterbottles at the tee of hole 10 during your round.
  • We recommend to use one group member as a spotter, especially on the holes 12 & 13, the rough on these holes can be pretty rough.
  • Course map and the caddie book are available here.

Sudden Death Playoffs

  • All ties for 1st places and other trophy positions will be resolved by playing sudden death playoffs between the trophy candidates.
  • Playoffs will be played on holes 16, 17, 18, unless those holes are still in use for other divisions.
  • While the primary playoff holes are still in use, playoffs will be played on holes 1, 2, 3, 9.