Registration Is Open

Registration for the European Open 2019 has begun! Athletes who meet the requirements of this 1st phase of registration can now claim their spot in the pinnacle event of the 2019 European disc golf season.  The PDGA Major event will be held on July 18-21 at Nokia, Finland.

Phase 1 of registration lasts one week, until Wednesday, January 23. The minimum PDGA rating requirements for registrants are 980 in the Open division and 930 in the Women’s Open division. Phase 2 of registration begins right after the phase 1 closes.

Registration for the event takes place in Disc Golf Metrix. A Disc Golf Metrix account is required for registration. Check here for full registration instructions and info.

European Amateur Open & Presidents Cup

Registration info and schedule for the European Amateur Open 2019 will be published by the end of January. Presidents Cup 2019 qualification criteria and schedule will be announced in February.

Stay on top of the European Open 2019, follow the news here at the event website and in social media: Facebook & Instagram.

More Info

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