European Amateur Open - How To Register

Here’s a short and sweet guide that will help you to stay in bounds when registering for the European Amateur Open 2019. You can take the first steps today. That way you’ll be all set tomorrow when the registration begins. In fact, you probably have to be ready when the time comes. The event will likely be full in minutes, possibly in seconds. Regardless of what happens remember to take it easy - this is not a matter of life and death.

Step-by-step registration instructions

  1. Have a PDGA number. It’s enough that you have been a member of the PDGA. You don’t need a current membership.
  2. Create a Metrix account. Be thorough, the more info you enter in your Metrix profile the better. Metrix check the info from your profile and automatically fills fields in the registration form. Create an account here.
  3. Check here which division you can, and should, register for based on your PDGA rating.
  4. Go to the European Amateur Open 2019 event page in Metrix and be ready to register on Thursday 7th February at 16.00 UTC. (Check the time zones here if you’re unsure about the exact time.) An orange ”Register here” button will appear on top of the page - next to the event title on devices with a large screen or right below the event title on mobile devices.
  5. Once you have registered for the event check that you have a spot in the event. Go to the event page on Metrix and check the registered players list. If the waiting list column cell on the right side of your name is empty you’re in the event. However, if there’s a number in that cell, it means that you’re on the waiting list. The number is your queue number. What you should do next depends on whether you’re in or out:
    1. You got spot: Pay the entry fee at our online store. There will be a product called "European Amateur Open 2019 Entry Fee" that you must purchase. You have four days to take care of this but you should just get it out of the way right away. If you face any issues with the payment contact the TD as soon as possible and we’ll sort it out in 24 hours. (This is one of the reasons why you should pay the entry fee as soon as possible - we have more time to solve any problems.) Once you have paid the entry fee you can really start making your travel plans and wait for further info about the event.
    2. You’re on the waiting list: Don’t pay the entry fee. Wait for a possible cancellation spot. You can fill the wild card application though. You’ll be contacted personally if you receive a spot.

Once you have registered it’s also a good idea to check your email for a confirmation email that includes further instructions. You should receive the confirmation email automatically, regardless of whether you’re in the event or on the waiting list. Remember to check your junkmail folder if the message is not in your inbox. We’ll send important updates & info by email, so you should make sure that you actually receive emails sent from Metrix. That way you won't miss a thing.

That's all folks!

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