Amateur Open - Wild Cards & Added Spots

All 16 Wild cads for the European Amateur Open 2019 have been issued. The wild cards were mainly issued based on playing record and contribution for the sport. The wild card recipients have been contacted personally and they have until Thursday, February 21st to pay the entry fee.

The FA3 division had only 13 registered players and possible wild card recipient. Because of this the two wild cards reserved for the FA3 division were transferred to MA1 division, which had the most demand for wild cards.

Field Grows to 196 Players

We carded a bogey while making changes from registration phase 1 to 2. Two players were mistakenly removed from the event due to human error. Their spots were immediately issued to players on the waiting list.

At that point we felt that it's best to grow the event with four additional spots, taking the total field from 192 to 196 players. These additional spots allowed us to bring the two mistakenly removed players back to the event and as an added bonus two more lucky players got into the event from the waiting list. That's a win-win solution in our books!

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