Wild Cards & Added Spots for FPO

First set of wild cards for the European Open 2019 has been issued. This set consisted of 11 wild cards, eight for players in the open division and three for women's open division participants. All wild card recipients have been contacted personally by email.

FPO division grows

This update brought another change for the women's open division. The level of women’s disc golf has improved by leaps and bounds. The 16 player field just didn't reflect the amount of talent in women's division. Because of this four more spots were added to take FPO division field from 16 to 20 players. These four additional spots were issued to FPO division waiting list in queue number order. These players have been contacted personally by email.

FPO wild card recipients:

Hannah McBeth
Paige Pierce
Anneli Tougjas

MPO wild card recipients:

Bohdan Bilek
Philo Brathwaite
Brian Earhart
Avery Jenkins
Jeremy Koling
Bob Kulchuk
Austin Turner
Ricky Wysocki

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