Presidents Cup 2019 Teams

It's high time to get a move on the Presidents Cup 2019! There's no better way to start than presenting the core teams for the Presidents Cup 2019. The cores of both teams consist of players who have qualified to represent their team based on the 2018 yearend PDGA World rankings.

A quick look on the Team USA and Team Europe for 2019 tells that disc golf fans are in for a treat on July 17th 2019! There's no shortage of top talent on either team.

Presidents Cup 2019 Teams

Team USA Team Europe
Paul McBeth Seppo Paju
Ricky Wysocki Simon Lizotte
Gregg Barsby Väinö Mäkelä
James Conrad Teemu Nissinen
Paige Pierce Eveliina Salonen
Catrina Allen Henna Blomroos
Kevin Jones (res.) Sylvain Gouge (res.)
Vanessa Van Dyken (res.) Kristin Tattar (res.)

(res. = reserve player)

Qualification schedule

However, these are not the final rosters yet. Each team will be strengthened with a captain and two more players in the following months. Also, other changes are still possible if any of the qualified players are not able attend the event.

  • April 25th: Players qualified based on the year-end rankings published.
  • May 2nd: Captain candidates nominated.
  • May 2nd - 9th: Captain voting.
  • May 10th: Captains published.
  • May 15th: Fan vote player candidates nominated.
  • May 15th – 22nd: Fans’ choice player voting.
  • May 23rd: Fan vote players published.
  • June 6th: Captain’s choice players published.
  • June 7th - July 16th: Changes only due to withdrawals if necessary.

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