Join the European Open 2019: Volunteer!

The volunteers are the backbone of any successful disc golf event. The European Open organization is looking for dedicated volunteers to join us in making the pinnacle event of the European disc golf season 2019.

Volunteer staff members play a crucial role in turning the event into a great disc golf experience for everyone involved in the event, whether you're a player battling for the victory on the course, a spectator witnessing the action on site or following the feats of their favorite players from the comfort of your own home.

While running the European Open and other major tournaments over the years, we’ve noticed that some of the best feedback comes from our volunteers. Devoting some of your time as a volunteer secures you a front row seat in the Major event. Some even say that there’s no better way to experience an event!

As a volunteer you will also be awarded with a special volunteer package and much more as a thanks for your time and effort in the event. We welcome everyone to come and join us to make this event even better!

Check the full volunteer info & register as a volunteer here!

Finns might want the check here though.