Presidents Cup 2019 Captains Choices

The captains of Presidents Cup 2019 teams have made their choices and the teams are now complete! Eagle McMahon joins Team Ford USA and Karl Johan Nybo will play for Team Ford Europe once again.

Captain of Team Ford USA, Nate Sexton, was confident about his pick: "My Captain’s choice player really wasn’t a choice at all. I have selected Eagle McMahon, a player who despite his young age has proven many times over that he is one of the World’s most elite disc golfers. His track record of success at the highest levels both in the United States and internationally make it impossible for me to imagine Team USA without him. I am very excited to add Eagle to our team, and I have no doubt that he will win us many points in the President’s Cup competition."

Janne Hirsimäki, Captain of Team Ford Europe, didn't hesitate with his choice of player either: "I chose him due to his ever-so-positive personality and level of commitment. KJ prepares himself to events better than anyone else and he has a long experience in European Open course and other Major events. KJ would have been picked to start with for his level of play but due to very few ranking points events last year, he was left out of this list. The most distinguished gentleman in the team. Easy pick."

Presidents Cup 2019 Teams

Team Ford USA Team Ford Europe
Nate Sexton (C) Janne Hirsimäki (C)
Paul McBeth Seppo Paju
Ricky Wysocki Simon Lizotte
Gregg Barsby Väinö Mäkelä
James Conrad Teemu Nissinen
Paige Pierce Eveliina Salonen
Catrina Allen Henna Blomroos
Kevin Jones (FC) Jalle Stoor (FC)
Eagle McMahon (CC) Karl Johan Nybo (CC)
Paul Ulibarri (res.) Sylvain Gouge (res.)
Vanessa Van Dyken (res.) Kristin Tattar (res.)

(C = Captain, FC = Fans choice, CC= Captain's choice, res. = reserve player)

Disc golf fans are in for a treat with teams of this caliber facing each other on July 17th!

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