European Amateur Open - Pools Changed & Registration Reopened

The European Amateur Open 2020 pools have been reorganized today and the division specific quotas were adjusted. The registration has been reopened until April 1st.

The changes made space for 48 players who were on the waiting list and some extra room was created for more registrants. The waiting list players who received a spot should have received an email with instructions on how to proceed. The current registered players list is available at the disc golf metrix.

The following changes were made:

  • FA3 division was moved from pool B to pool C.
  • MA1 division quota increased 144 -> 146.
  • FA1 division quota decreased 24 -> 22.
  • MA3 division quota increased 144 -> 168.
  • FA3 division quota decreased 24 -> 10.
  • MA40 division quota increased 124 -> 140.
  • FA40 division quota decreased 20 -> 8.
  • MJ15 division quota decreased 20 -> 10.

Wild cards were removed from all other divisions except MA1, FA1 & MA3 divisions. Wild cards for other divisions are no longer necessary as there are no longer any registrants on the waiting lists of any of those divisions. The first wild cards will be issued in March.

Wild cards per divisions:

  • MA1: 13 wild cards. (One wild card is reserved for Ford Amateurs FA1 division winner.)
  • FA1: 1 wild card. (Reserved for Ford Amateurs FA1 division winner.)
  • MA3: 14 wild cards.

Registration reopened

After the changes pool C, which includes FA3, FA40, MA40 and MJ15 divisions, still has some spots available. The registration has been reopened until April 1st to allow players to register for pool C divisions. Naturally, new registrants are also welcome to join the waiting list of the pool A & B divisions.

Further changes to divisions and/or pools can still be made in order to accommodate more players to the event. E.g. if there are many cancellations in the pool C, we will consider transferring FA1 division to that pool as well.

Some changes will be inevitable. These will be due to changing PDGA ratings, which will force some players to change their division.

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