European Amateur Open Registration Update

Yesterday we announced that the European Amateur Open 2020 has been rescheduled from July to August 21-23. This update answers a few questions that have come up since yesterday's announcement.

An info email with instructions on how to proceed was sent to all European Amateur Open participants. If you can’t find it in your metrix email inbox you should first check the junkmail folder. Mass emails often end up there. If you find the info email in your junkmail, you should move it from the junkmail folder to your inbox and/or remove the junk tag from it. That way further info emails from us should find their way to your inbox. If you can’t find the instructions in your junkmail folder or inbox you should contact us at

Survey Deadline: May 31st

All European Amateur Open participants should take the participation survey as soon as possible. Any participants who haven’t taken the survey by May 31st will be considered to participate in the European Amateur Open 2020 on August 21-23.

Wild Cards & Possible Additional Registration Phase

Wild cards have been on hold for a while now. This was due to the uncertain circumstances, there was no point in issuing them before we had a verified date for the event. The wild cards will continue to be on hold until end of May.

By early June we’ll known the capacity of the event. We’ll first take players in from the queue. Then we can issue wild cards and/or reopen the registration, depending on the capacity of the event at the time. We will of course issue cancellation spots almost weekly, based on the participation survey answers.

We’ll make a separate announcement about the possible additional registration phase.