European Amateur Open 2020 Registration Opens Again

European Amateur Open 2020 registered players list was updated today. This created plenty of space for new registrants in five divisions: MA40, FA1, FA3, FA40 and MJ15. The registration for the event will be opened again on Tuesday, June 9th, at 12.00 EEST.

Waiting List Gets Shorter & Wild Card Info

Many registrants on the waiting list received a spot in the event today. These registrants must pay the entry fee by Wednesday 17.6.2020 12.00 EEST in order to keep their spot in the event.

All new registrants should note that they can’t later choose to use the 2020 event entry fee to preregister for the 2021 event. This option is only available to registrants who had paid the entry fee before 4.6.2020.

The need to issue wild cards will be reviewed before the registration reopens next week. More info about wild cards to follow later.

Current Spot Holders

All current registrants who have paid the entry fee before today but haven’t taken the participation survey yet can - and should - still take the participation survey. From now on all who haven’t taken the survey are considered to participate to attend the EAO 2020 in August. More info about the survey and available options for these players available here.

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