European Open 2021 Update - March

Here's the March update on the European Open 2021 arrangements. Right now the corona situation in Finland is the worst it has been during the pandemic. The Finnish authorities are battling against the spread of the virus by placing the strictest restrictions the country has experienced so far with more severe restrictions planned.

The local authorities and the European Open organization decided to monitor the situation and to see how the developments of the next few weeks with the stricter restrictions. If the situation changes for the better the preconditions for the event to be held in July will also be improved. As was announced in February, the event is still planned to be held in July as long as the local health ordinances and policies allow it.

Due of the current virus situation the registration for the 2021 European Open and the 2021 European Amateur Open have been postponed. The event organization hopes to be able to start the registration by mid to late April.

Whatever the case we'll keep the players and fans of both events up to date. We'll post another update on the situation by mid April. A separate announcement will be made before the registration begins.

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