First batch of wild cards issued

After carefully reviewing wild card applications we have decided to issue ten (10) wild cards to the MPO division. 

Wild cards to players are based on their contribution to the sport, on their success on the course and on their previous participations in the European Open. We also see the value of the international diversity of this PDGA major very high.

Wild cards issued on April 1st: 


Matt Bell 48950 USA
Saku Poikonen 75759 Finland
Luke Bayne 166771 Australia
Hans Tegebäck 11234 Sweden
Kryštof Novák 55426 Czech
Janne Hirsimäki 47516 Finland
Josef Berg 95050 Sweden
Ralf Hüpper 47157 Germany
Mikael Hakala 51479 Finland
Nestori Tuhkanen 110462 Finland


Five remaining wild card spots for MPO and all FPO wild cards will be issued later in the spring.

Application for wild card can be found here: