Puhdistamo supercharges European Open!

The European Open has entered into a new partnership with Puhdistamo Real Foods. Through this collaboration, Puhdistamo aims to increase the awareness of its nutritional products among the growing disc golf audience.

“It's great that we can participate in the European Open, as disc golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in Finland. At the same time, we're excited to have the opportunity to guide athletes towards better choices", says Puhdistamo CEO Henri Valonen.

Puhdistamo's products will be available to both players and spectators at the event. Spectators can also test their putting skills at Puhdistamo's demonstration point.

Puhdistamo - Pursue the essential

Puhdistamo focuses on the essential - only on those things, products and ingredients that make a difference. Stripping out everything unnecessary and unhealthy, they manufacture supplements and nutritional products that are purer, more effective and more delicious.

Puhdistamo wants to change the culture around nutrition for the better and help as many people as possible towards a healthier lifestyle.

More info: www.puhdistamo.fi