10k Hole-In-One price by Acon!

The European Open has signed an exciting partnership with Acon Trampolines - Acon is offering a €10,000 Hole-In-One prize to the first player to throw a Hole-In-One on redesigned hole 15.

“It´s a great pleasure to have Acon as our partner. With them, the event is able to offer a cool 10k price for the first hole-in-one made on our newly redesigned hole 15. It will be a blast to see how players will attack that hole in the competition”, says Jussi Meresmaa.

The redesigned hole 15 offers both players and spectators a stunning 155-meter downhill shot. There is room for well over a thousand spectators around the fairway to witness the players’ drives.

Acon trampolines
Since 1996, Acon Trampolines has shared the joy of thrill-seeking. Acon´s mission is to spread the love of bouncing and provide active fun to families everywhere.

More info: www.acon24.com