Finalized Presidents Cup 2022 Teams

The finalized Presidents Cup 2022 teams are here! Fans had the opportunity to vote for a team captain and one player for both Team USA and Team Europe.

The chosen players from the fan vote were Adam Hammes for Team USA and Albert Tamm for Team Europe.  In the captain vote, you chose Jeremy Koling as the captain for Team USA due to Nate Sexton's unfortunate withdrawal from the Presidents Cup, and Karl Johan Nybo as the captain for Team Europe.

The chosen captains were given the power to name one MPO player for their team. Jeremy Koling added James Conrad to Team USA and Karl Johan Nybo chose Knut Valen Håland to Team Europe!

Based on 2021 year-end Udisc World Rankings, one MPO and FPO player were chosen as reserve players for each team. Kevin Jones and Kona Star Panis were chosen for Team USA. And for Team Europe, Seppo Paju and Henna Blomroos were added to the roster as reserve players.

With those players added to the teams, the Presidents Cup 2022 line-up is done.

Team USA:

  • Jeremy Koling [captain]
  • Catrina Allen
  • Adam Hammes
  • Calvin Heimburg
  • Paul McBeth
  • Eagle McMahon
  • Paige Pierce
  • Ricky Wysocki
  • James Conrad
  • Kevin Jones [reserve]
  • Kona Star Panis [reserve]

Team Europe:

  • Karl Johan Nybo (DEN) [captain]
  • Niklas Anttila (FIN)
  • Lauri Lehtinen (FIN)
  • Simon Lizotte (GER)
  • Väinö Mäkelä (FIN)
  • Eveliina Salonen (FIN)
  • Albert Tamm (EST)
  • Kristin Tattar (EST)
  • Knut Valen Håland (NOR)
  • Seppo Paju (FIN) [reserve]
  • Henna Blomroos (FIN) [reserve]


The Presidents Cup will be held at Nokia on July 20, 2022, one day before the European Open in Nokia DiscGolfPark. The Presidents Cup consists of two 9-hole rounds and players compete against their rivals to earn points for their team. Join us to spectate this special 10th edition Presidents Cup! Read more about the Presidents Cup here.