The European Open entered a new partnership with Kirami and Sauna from Finland. With this partnership, we are able to offer an unforgettable Sauna VIP experience at the event. This is the very first time when a disc golf event is offering such a unique experience to follow a disc golf event while enjoying the sweet heat of Finnish sauna!

New to 2023 event, the European Open wants to showcase and represent Finnish sauna culture. For this, the event organization has created a unique Sauna VIP experience together with Kirami and Sauna from Finland organization. Kirami is a Finnish sauna manufacturer that offers high-quality outdoor saunas that provide new perspectives on sauna bathing while respecting tradition. Sauna from Finland is a network that was born from the idea that everyone around the world should be able to experience a great, authentic Finnish sauna.

Kirami would like to thank the organizers of the European Open for the great opportunity to explore the world of disc golf and at the same time provide VIP guests with an unforgettable sauna experience in beautifully created surroundings.

In the VIP area of the European Open, there is a Kirami FinVision® sauna in Nordic misty design with Harvia VirtaCombi steam heater. The adjacent modules consist of two covered terraces from the Nordic misty series, equipped with showers and two changing rooms. Outside the VIP area, there is a spacious Kirami FinVision® Lounge XL, which serves as an office and interview area for event.

In addition to Kirami, Harvia takes care of the textiles and other sauna-related products for the VIP guests that ensures the perfect sauna atmosphere.

In the VIP area of the European Open, the Kirami FinVision sauna Nordic misty with the Harvia Virta Combi vaporizer stove is on display.

“We are very excited for this opportunity to be part of the European Open together with Kirami. Our aim is to spread the word of Finnish sauna around the world, and this is a great opportunity for these sports enthusiasts to see a little bit of the Finnish sauna culture and how important it is to us.” explains Carita Harju, CEO of Sauna from Finland.

Want to feel the Sauna VIP experience?

You can experience European Open on the whole new level with enjoying sweet heat of Finnish sauna and the best disc golf of the world. Includes access to the VIP area (located next to the #18 green), warm meal, refreshments, European Open collectible, access to the dedicated sky box, and parking next to the VIP area. You also get a chance to meet the players!

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About Kirami

Kirami, which is part of the Harvia Group, is the world’s largest manufacturer of hot tubs. Based on customer requests, Kirami has created a complete sauna world, including Kirami FinVision® saunas and Annex modules that further enhance the sauna experience. Kirami’s comprehensive sauna concept has gained great popularity worldwide. Check here for more information on Kirami's saunas.

Sauna from Finland is a Finnish sauna expertise association and company network with a mission to create the best sauna experiences in the world. More info about Sauna from Finland:

The European Open is Europe's oldest major-level disc golf tournament, which will be played at Nokia, Finland on July 20-23, 2023. The European Open has a prize pool of $100,000 and the event features over 100 of the world's best disc golfers. More information:

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