Monday Qualifier invitations to the European Open

The Monday Qualifier was held yesterday and the following 5 players received an invitation to the 2023 European Open:

  1. Veeti Kemppi
  2. Austin Hannum
  3. Kimi Hakkarainen
  4. Heikki Saunanen
  5. Aapo Mäkelä

Congratulations to the invitees!

You can check out the Monday Qualifier scores here.


Watch the European Open!

Come to Nokia, Finland and spectate the event for free! There is nothing like coming to the event to watch the best disc golf in Europe, seeing the incredible gallery and visiting the Discmania Pro Shop! Check out the spectator info here in english and here in finnish!

If you can't make it to the Beast, you can also watch the event live via Disc Golf Network!