Discmania Pro Shop at the European Open

The Discmania Pro Shop has opened here at The Beast! From the Pro Shop you'll be able to find a selection of our most interesting products as well some special goodies that are not offered anywhere else. We listed the main drops throughout the week below.

While you can watch action at home thanks to Disc Golf Network, the event is best enjoyed live on-site. For those making the trip to the Beast, we highly recommend paying our Pop-Up Pro Shop a visit.

Besides European Open themed discs & apparel, we also have a wide range of other Discmania products available at the Pro Shop and if you play your cards right, you may even be able to score some extra special goodies from our Vault selection!

Pro Shop Location

You can find the Discmania Pro Shop inside the Nokia Ice Hall (Kattokeskus Areena), Hinttalankatu 6, 37100, Nokia, Finland.

Opening hours & Specialty release schedule

Our Pro Shop is open on all tournament days, including the Presidents Cup event on Wednesday.

Wednesday, July 19  Presidents Cup team event
Shop open 12-20 Golden Cloud Breaker release at 12:00

Vault drop #1 at 12:00

GameProofer™ Smart Tag presale starts (online only)

Thursday, July 20th European Open round 1

Shop open 11-20

Limited Edition Glow C-line FD3 release at 12:00*
Friday, July 21st

European Open round 2

Shop open 11-20

Limited Edition Neo Lumen Enigma release at 12:00*

Saturday, July 22nd European Open round 3
Shop open 11-20 Limited Edition Lux Vapor Paradigm release at 12:00*

Vault drop #2 at 11:00

Sunday, July 23rd European Open final round
Shop open 11-20 Limited Edition Color Glow C-line P1 release at 12:00*