Time for the 2023 Presidents Cup!

The 2023 Presidents Cup is played today, starting 1 pm finnish time. Team United States and Europe are pit against each other to resolve which one is the best disc golf continent this year! Watch the event live via Disc Golf Network or come see the action here at The Beast!

This exciting event takes place a day before the European Open at The Beast. The compact single day event is a perfect way to really kick off the five-day long disc golf galore. The Presidents Cup consists of two 9-hole rounds and players compete against their rivals to earn points for their team. Elite players from both continents earn the right to represent their team through a qualification process which ensures that the best players from North America and Europe will face each other.

Team United States has been victorious in all previous Presidents Cups since the inception of the event in 2006, but the battle for the Presidents Cup has become tighter year by year. Can Europe grab their first win this year?

Presidents Cup 2023 teams

Team USA:

  • Nate Sexton [captain]
  • Catrina Allen
  • Missy Gannon
  • Chris Dickerson
  • Paul McBeth
  • Eagle McMahon
  • Ricky Wysocki
  • Fans' Choice Player - Calvin Heimburg
  • Captain's Choice Player - Isaac Robinson
  • Sarah Hokom [reserve]
  • Matt Orum [reserve]

***Sarah Hokum replaced Paige Pierce as reserve player
**Chris Dickerson [reserve] replaced Gannon Buhr. Matt Orum is new reserve player.
*Chris Dickerson replaced Calvin Heimburg as a reserve player.

Team Europe:

  • Karl Johan Nybo (DEN) [captain]
  • Henna Blomroos (FIN)
  • Kristin Tattar (EST)
  • Niklas Anttila (FIN)
  • Joona Heinänen (FIN)
  • Väinö Mäkelä (FIN)
  • Lauri Lehtinen (FIN)
  • Fans' Choice Player - Jakub Semerád (CZE)
  • Captain's Choice Player - Øyvind Jarnes (NOR)
  • Eveliina Salonen (FIN) [reserve]
  • Jesse Nieminen (FIN) [reserve]

*Joona Heinänen replaced Linus Carlsson. Jesse Nieminen is new reserve player.

Event day schedule

Wed, July 19th Presidents Cup Day
7 am –1:30 pm Course reserved for EO participants
All day Holes 4-8 and 12-15 open for practice
9 am – 7 pm Tournament center open
Noon - 8 pm Discmania Pro Shop open
1:30 pm - 7 pm Presidents Cup -team event
1:30 pm FPO tee off #1
2 pm MPO tee off #1 - #11 - #17
1:30 pm Match Play (30 mins after final MPO card is finished)
6 pm Award ceremony
Noon - 8 pm Kiosk open
Noon - 7 pm Street Food area open
Noon - 7 pm VIP -area open