The European Amateur Open 2020 has been rescheduled to 21.-23.8.2020.

This page contains important for players attending, or planning to attend, the European Amateur Open.

For more general information about the event, check the European Amateur Open page.

Players looking to compete in the event should also check the Registration Info page.

Stay on top of the latest updates - follow the news here at the event website and in social media: Facebook & Instagram.

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European Amateur Open 2020 Info
COVID-19 waiver & info
Event Schedule
General Info
Tee times, Groups & Scoring
Courses, Practicing & Warming up

European Amateur Open 2020 Info

  • Event date: 21-23 August 2020. (Was 10-12 July 2020.)
  • Location: Nokia, Tampere & Ylöjärvi, Finland.
    • Three courses & their locations:
      • The Beast, Nokia DiscGolfPark. Hinttalankatu 6, 37100 Nokia, Finland. Google maps link
      • Tampere Disc Golf Center. Soukonvuorentie 8, 33560 Tampere, Finland.  Google maps link
      • Moon Valley, Julkujärvi DiscGolfPark. Julkujärventie 7-1, 39160 Ylöjärvi, Finland. Google maps link
  • PDGA B-tier event.
  • 504 players.
  • Seven divisions: FA1, FA3, FA40, MA1, MA3, MA40 & MJ15. (Pros playing am rules apply.)
  • All players play three 18-hole rounds - one round per day with staggered starts. (Tee times at 10-minute intervals.) Each player will play one round on each of the three courses.
  • This is an amateur event as the name suggest. The top 3 in each division will be awarded with trophies and merchandise prizes. Two spots to the European Open 2021 will be awarded, one for the best MA1 division player and another the best FA1 division participant.

COVID-19 Waiver & Info

Every participant must accept the COVID-19 waiver by 20.8.2020. Check the COVID-19 info for the European Amateur Open 2020 and instructions on how to prevent spreading it here.

Also available in Finnish.

Event Schedule

Check the schedule page for the European Amateur Open 2020 event schedule.

Tentative tee times for the 1st round will be published 14.8.2020. Saturday's & Sunday's tee times will be published on the evening before each round, after the previous round has been completed.

General Info

  • There’s no player meeting. All required info is available online, mostly on this page.
  • The official communication channel of European Amateur Open 2020 is the Disc Golf Metrix page of the event and the player emails sent from Metrix. Players should check their junkmail folder for Metrix emails and check the Metrix news every now and then – just in case.
  • PDGA’s Official Rules of Disc Golf are followed in European Amateur Open.
  • Use of all kinds of tobacco products is prohibited during tournament rounds. Smoking is prohibited starting from when a player enters the 1st tee area 10 minutes prior to his tee time until he returns his/her scorecard.
    • Each venue has designated smoking areas.
  • In case of unclear situation during the round, play a provisional throw and contact the course director or the tournament director immediately after the round for the ruling.
  • First aid is located at the info in the tournament center.
    • In case of emergency, contact 112.
  • Contact info:
    • TD: Jukka Teräs,, +358 40 538 7464
    • Assistant TD: Juho Vähätalo,, +358 44 584 6584
    • Nokia / Beast course TD: Juho Järvinen, #69766.
    • Tampere course TD: Petri Anttiroiko, #70707.
    • Ylöjärvi/Moon Valley course TD: Pete Niemelä, #64027.


  • There is no need to register for the event onsite!
  • Players must pick up their player packs after their first round, from the tournament office of the course where they play their first round.
  • There’s no need to preregister for the rounds. Just show up at the 1st tee seven (7) minutes before your tee time on each of the three days.

Tee times, groups & scoring

  • Tee times and groups are published on Metrix. Round 1 preliminary tee times will be available by Friday August 14th. Round 2 & 3 tee times will be available after the 1st round.
  • 1st round groups are generated randomly by Metrix. 2nd & 3rd round groups will be formed in score order. Players with the lowest scores start last.
  • All groups start their round from the 1st tee. Tee times every 10 minutes starting from 8.00. All players must arrive to the 1st tee 7 minutes before their tee time. (But there's no need to preregister for any of the rounds.)
  • Metrix is used for scoring. One player per group must enter the group's scores during the round to the Metrix.
  • Each player is required to sign their scores in the Metrix after the round.
  • If a player can't sign the his/her scores with their own or group scorekeeper's device, they can visit the tournament office after the round, where they can sign their scores electronically.
  • If there's no one in the group who can keep scores for the round, scorecards will be provided for each member of the group. In such a case each player in the group is required to mark the scores for all members of the group. (Quadruple scorekeeping.) All scorecards must be returned to the tournament office after the round and event staff will enter the scores to metrix. Note that paper scorecards are only a backup. Digital scorekeeping will be prioritized in this event.

Pool C Division Specific Tee Times

The tentative division specific tee times for C pool. This applies on all three rounds. Please note that the times are estimated based on the amount of currently registered players and are still subject to change. MA1 division players playing in the pool C will be announced on 14.8.2020.

Division Players Groups Tee times
MA40 108 36 8.00-13.50
MA1 20 5 14.00-14.20
MJ15 12 3 14.30-14.50
FA40 8 2 15.00-15.10
FA3 8 2 15.20-15.40
FA1 14 4 15.30-16.00

Courses, practicing & Warm up

Below are some general course rules for all three courses of the Amateur Open 2020 and some course specific rules & info. Check this article for more in-depth info about the Amateur Open courses.

General ground rules for all three courses:

The Beast

  • This is a temporary layout of Nokia Disc Golf Park. Most of the holes are not available for regular play. The Beast is open & reserved for EAO participants' practicing on Wednesday & Thursday, 19-20 August.
  • Check here for more info about The Beast.

Tampere Disc Golf Center

  • The Championship layout of the "Center" will be played in the European Amateur Open.
  • The permanent course is always open for play and many of the holes will be played as they are.
  • The Center is open year-round and most of the holes can be played & practiced at all times.
  • Some extended holes of the more challenging layouts combine two holes into one longer hole or make use of the alternate tee positions. In these cases special caution must be taken when playing the Championship layout on the permanent course.
  • Course info at the PDGA website.
  • Course info at (Only in Finnish.)

Moon Valley - Julkujärvi DiscGolfPark

  • The permanent layout of Moon Valley is quite a challenge as it is and always open for play. The Moon Valley's competitive layout is largely the same as the permanent one.
  • There's another course, Julkujärvi AM course, right next to the tournament course. The 9-hole AM course is the warmup area and you can putt at the tournament center.
  • The course is reserved for EAO participants' practicing on Wednesday & Thursday, 19-20 August
  • Course info at the PDGA website.
  • Course info at (Only in Finnish.)

Courses & Pools

Tentative course schedule for each pool:

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Pool A Center Moon Valley Beast
Pool B Moon Valley Beast Center
Pool C Beast Center Moon Valley
  • Pool A: MA1 (top 168 PDGA rated)
  • Pool B: MA3
  • Pool C: FA1, FA3, FA40, MA1 (players with lowest PDGA ratings), MA40 & MJ15

Note that the pools are subject to change.


Please note that the 1st place prizes of MA1 and FA1 divisions have changed.

The ultimate prizes are the European Open 2021 spots for MA1 and FA1 division winners. (Alternatively, the champions can choose the equal value as a merchandise prize.) One player in each division with the lowest total score in European Amateur Open 2020 receives a spot for the European Open 2021. If the player with the lowest score has a European Open spot the spot will be carried over to the player with the lowest score who doesn't have a European Open spot yet.

The top three players in each division will receive trophies and merchandise prizes, which are primarily InnovaStore gift certificates.

If the EO spot receiver finishes in top 3, he/she may choose to use the merchandise prize to pay the EO entry fee, or at least part of the entry fee if the prize isn’t sufficient to cover the whole entry fee.

Prize and taxation

  • The InnovaStore gift certificates will be issued within a week of the completion of the event, provided that the prize recipient has sent all mandatory info and documents to the event organization.
  • Prizes that over 100€ in value are reported to the Finnish tax administration regardless of their value. This is required by the Finnish tax administration. Merchandise prizes are considered as income of their equivalent value. These prizes won't be awarded before the organizer has all the required info.
  • Separate instructions for taxation purposes will be sent to the prize recipients after the completion of the event.

Prizes by division

Prize values in euros. Prizes are gift certificates to

Place/Div MA1 FA1 MA3 FA3 MA40 FA40 MJ15
1 250* 250* 200 200 200 200 200
2 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
3 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

*The best player in MA1 and FA1 divisions receives a European Open 2021 spot with the entry fee included. If the player already has an EO spot, he/she receives an InnovaStore gift certificate of the same value instead. They can also choose a gift certificate instead of the 2021 EO spot.