This page contains information about the registration process for the European Amateur Open. Players attending, or planning to attend, the event should also check the competitor information page.

For more general information about the event, check the European Amateur Open page.

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Registration Info
Entry Fees
Divisions and Spot Allocations
Registration Phases and Schedule
Waiting List
Wild Cards
Withdrawals and Refunds
Common Questions & Answers

European Amateur Open 2020 Registration Info

In order to register for the event a PDGA membership is all you need but it doesn't have to be an active or current membership. An SFL membership isn't required at the time of registration either.

All players must have a current PDGA membership during the event and Finnish players must also be SFL members.

If a player has a European Open spot they are not allowed to compete in the European Amateur Open.

Registration takes place in Disc Golf Metrix and each player must have a Metrix account to register. Creating a Metrix account and using Metrix is free. Create an account here. (Players should make sure that their PDGA number is correct. Metrix checks the rating from the PDGA automatically when a player registers for an event.)

Link to the event specific Metrix page will be provided later.

Entry fee

Entry fee is 99€ (inc. 10% VAT) in all divisions. A mandatory 5€ handling fee (inc. 10% VAT) will be included in each entry fee.

Each player will receive a player pack, which is at least 45€ in value.

Entry fees must be paid to Spin18 online store by purchasing the "European Amateur Open 2020 Entry Fee" product. Check the payment deadlines from the registration phases & schedules below.

Players should not pay the entry fee unless they have a spot in the event. Every player must check their registration status once they have registered. Players should not pay the entry fee if they're on the waiting list. More info about the waiting list below.

Divisions and spot allocations

The maximum field for each event is 504 players.

Available divisions, including spots allocations and rating limitations in the first phase of registration:

Pool Division Rating Spots Foreign quota Wild cards Av. spots
A MA1 900+ 144 48 14 82
A FA1 775+ 24 8 4 12
B MA3 <900 144 48 14 82
B FA3 <775 24 8 4 12
C MA40 124 41 10 73
C FA40 20 7 4 9
C MJ15 24 8 4 12

Please note that these are pools for registration phase 1 & 2. Final pools may change after these phases.

Pros playing Am applies. There are no maximum rating limitations for PDGA amateur status players in MA1 and FA1 divisions.

Rating limitations for PDGA pro status players by division are:

  • MA1, <970
  • MA3, <900
  • FA1, <875
  • FA3, <775
  • MA40, <935
  • FA40, <825
  • MJ15, no pro status players allowed.

Registration Phases and Schedule

Registration for the European Amateur Open includes three (3) phases. Registration isn’t complete until the registrant has paid the entry fee for the event. Registration within phases is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Phase 1
Registration is open for all players who meet the rating & division requirements in the division and spot allocation table above.

Foreign player quotas are in effect. These spots are reserved for non-Finnish players in order to accommodate for the circumstances in registration process.

All phase 1 registrants must pay the entry fee by the end of phase 1. All unpaid registrants of phase 1 are removed from the competition at the end of phase 1. All registrants are recommended to take care of the payment right away after they are certain that they have a spot in the event. The payment deadlines are quite short.


  • Registration starts: February 5, 2020, 16.00 UTC*.
  • Registration closes & payment deadline: February 11, 2020, 16.00 UTC.

*16.00 UTC at different time zones:

  • 8.00 PST
  • 11.00 ES&
  • 17.00 CET
  • 18.00 EET (Finnish time)

Phase 2
Foreign quotas are removed.

Players who receive a cancellation spot in phase 2 must pay the entry fee by the end of phase 2. All unpaid phase 2 registrants are removed from the competition at the end of phase 2.


  • Registration starts: February 12, 2020, 16.00 UTC.
  • Registration closes & payment deadline: February 18, 2020, 16.00 UTC.

Phase 3

The division and pool specific registrant quantities are reviewed. Some divisions maybe switched to another pool in order to open up more spots for a more popular division.

E.g. if the C pool isn't full by the end of phase 2, and all FA3 participants fit in to C pool, FA3 division may be switched to pool C. The B pool spots originally allocated to FA3 division participants would then be issued to MA3 division.

Players who receive a cancellation spot in phase 3 must pay the entry fee by the end of phase 3. All unpaid registrants are removed from the competition at the end of phase 3.


  • Registration starts: February 19, 2020, 16.00 UTC.
  • Registration closes & payment deadline: February 25, 2020, 16.00 UTC.

Additional phase with it’s separate registration conditions, rating requirements, and entry fee deadlines can be opened later on.

Waiting list

When the event is full a waiting list is automatically created by Disc Golf Metrix. Spots will be automatically issued to players on the waiting list based on their queue number, which is issued at the time of registration.

Players should note that queue numbers don’t take division or pool quotas into account. This means that if all divisions are full and a spot becomes available in the MA1 division, the spot is issued to an MA1 division participant even if a player in the MA3 division has the smallest queue number.

Queue numbers are visible in the waiting list column of the registered players list in Disc Golf Metrix. If there is a number next to a player's name, they’re on the waiting list. Players on the waiting list should not pay the entry fee.

Wild cards

Wild cards will be issued by the organizer. Wild card application instructions will be published once the registration starts and/or the event or some of the divisions are full. The wild cards can also be used to grant spots to waiting list players in registration order.

Applying for a wild card
All wild card applicants should also register for the event in Disc Golf Metrix. Even if the event is full and they're placed on the waiting list.

The first set of wild cards will be issued by the end of March. Some might be reserved to be used later in the spring and summer.

Wild card recipients will be contacted personally and announced on the event website & European Open social medias.

Withdrawals and Refunds

We follow the standard PDGA refund policy, as stated by the PDGA Competition Manual 1.03. There is no waitlist fee for the European Amateur Open 2020.

The handling fee of 5€ is not refunded. Only exception is if a player receives a European Open spot and has registered for the European Amateur Open, and has paid the EAO entry fee. In this case the player will be refunded in full. (But they shouldn't pay the EO entry fee before receiving further instructions from the event organizers.)

All withdrawals must be made by contacting the tournament director directly by email or phone:

Jukka Teräs
+358 40 5387464

Common Questions & Answers

Q1: Can play in both events, the European Open and the European Amateur Open?

A1: No. Only exception are the MA1 and FA1 division participants of the EAO, who will be awarded a spot in the EO. And a very rare occasion that a player receives a cancellation spot to the EO during the Amateur Open.

Q2: What if I have a spot in the Amateur Open, but I also get a spot in the European Open?

A2: You will have to choose which event you participate in. If you decide to withdraw form the Amateur Open, you will receive a full refund of your Amateur Open entry fee.

Please don't pay the European Open entry fee before you've received instructions on how to proceed from us.

Q3: I'm trying to pay the entry fee but my payment won't go through. (For any reason.)

A3: Contact the TD as soon as you can. We'll sort out the payment. But it's best to take action immediately and leave more time to solve the problem.

(Technical trouble in the payment process happens, but you might still lose your spot if you claim technical error as a reason for failure to pay. It's possible that it takes a day or two to fix the error, so take this to account.)

Q4: What if my rating changes and I must change divisions? (E.g. male player registered for MA3 but rating rises from 890 to 910.)

A4: Notify the TD about the change in your rating. You will be transferred from one division to another. (From MA3 to MA1 in the example.) This happens all the time, so it's not a problem. You will not lose your spot in the event.

A thing to note is that according to the PDGA rules it is player's responsibility to make sure that he/she plays in the correct division.

If you have registered for MA1/FA1 division and your rating decreases to MA3/FA3 level, you're still eligible to play in MA1/FA1 division.

The rule of thumb is to always register for the division applicable to your rating at the time of registration.

There's one especially unfortunate situation though. If you're a pro status player and your rating rises above 970 you won't be eligible to participate at all any more. You will receive a full refund of your entry fee in this case.