The most widely known and prestigious disc golf tournament in Europe is about to begin, and of course the disc golf fans who cannot attend the event as a spectator will be able to follow the event online. This year, we will have a new scoring partnership as well as substantially more coverage on the epic battle of the continents, the Presidents Cup. Read on to see what's up in 2019.

UDisc partnership

UDisc is the official scoring partner of the European Open and the Presidents Cup. You can access live scoring every day at

Wednesday July 17 – Presidents Cup

The epic team battle between Team USA and Team Europe - the Presidents Cup – will be broadcasted via Facebook live. The event begins at 14:45 Finnish time (UTC+3). FPO live coverage will be posted on the PDGA Facebook page, with commentary by Steve Hill. MPO live coverage will instead be posted on the SpinTV Facebook page, with commentary by Avery Jenkins. Of course you will be able to follow the live scores only at

And in case you don't know what the Presidents Cup is all about, go ahead and read this well written article on the UDisc blog linked below. You'll also find all information about the 2019 teams and pairings right here:
USA vs Europe: Presidents Cup Comes To UDisc Live

Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st – European Open

European Open 2019 - the main event kicks off on Thursday. Live scoring will be provided by as stated earlier, but there will also be post produced play-by-play videos released on SpinTV's YouTube channel.

The play-by-play videos will cover both divisions and all four rounds, starting from the featured cards on round 1, followed up by lead cards from rounds 2, 3 and the final round. And there will be commentary, as confirmed below :)

Social Media

The official European Open social media accounts are the following:
Disc Golf European Open Facebook page
European Open 2019 Facebook event
European Open Instagram

As a Spectator

If you are about to travel to Nokia and The Beast to see the best disc golf in the world, make sure you study the spectator guide.