Please check the event week schedule at the website. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. All players will be informed about any changes made to schedule. Schedule is available here.

The location of the players meeting (Wed July 20th at ~7:30 pm, right after the Presidents Cup) is Nokia gymnasium – the building behind the hole 14 green. Entrance is from the other side of the building.

Tournament center

The heart of the event is the Nokia indoor ice rink (“jäähalli” in Finnish), which is located at the center of the sports park (“keskusurheilupuisto” in Finnish… wow!).
The tournament center includes all the facilities you need: tournament office, pro shop, toilets, kiosk… You’ll find several tasty options for lunch from the street food area just outside the tournament center. (Open Wed-Sun at peak hours.)

The address of the tournament center is Hinttalankatu 6, 37100 Nokia.

First aid is located at the info in the tournament center. In case of an emergency it’s best to call the emergency number though.
Emergency number: 112.


On Monday and Tuesday, July 18-19, you should park on the main lot. (We’ll let you know when the gravel field is available.)

On Wednesday - Sunday, July 20-24, you must park in the players parking lot, located on the gravel field. The driving route to the players parking lot is marked on the course map, and in the area map, here.

Onsite Registration

Every European Open player is required to register at the tournament center’s info desk before starting their 1st round on Thursday July 21st. As a part of the registration each player is required to sign a mandatory waiver. You can review the waiver here.

The info is open for sign-ups:
Mon, July 18th: 9 am - 5 pm
Tue, July 19th: 9 am - 5 pm
Wed, July 20th: 9 am - 7 pm

Word about the info desk - it’s your go-to-location for almost anything. Just ask there and the info staff can at least point you to the right direction if they’re not able to immediately assist you.

Join us for the traditional Black Party again!

The tournament has ended - it’s time to Black Party! These parties are legendary after parties for the players and staff of the European Open. Evening filled with good food, good atmosphere and the best company - you all!

- Time: Sunday 24st of July, 9.00 pm.
- Location: G Livelab - Puutarhakatu 1, 33100 Tampere. The location is in the heart of the city right next to the Tammerkoski river.
- Free for Players and Staff. This includes complimentary finger food, DJ set for entertainment and some disc golf related activities.
- Where can I sign up? Let us know when you sign up for the tournament at the info or see The Hat Guy on hole one and let him know. We hope you can do this by Thursday, the 21st of July.

PDGA Major Rules

PDGA’s Official Rules of Disc Golf and the rules for PDGA Major events are followed in the European Open.

Use of all kinds of tobacco products is prohibited during tournament rounds. Smoking is prohibited starting from when a player enters the 1st tee area 10 minutes prior to the tee time until the scorecard is returned. This includes electronic cigarettes and similar devices.

The PDGA dress code for Major events applies.

2022 USDGC & TPWDGC Qualifying spots

The European Open is a qualifying event for the 2022 United States Disc Golf Championship and the 2022 Throw Pink Womens Disc Golf Championship. Four (4) USDGC spots for MPO participants and two (2) TPWDGC spots for FPO participants of the EO are available. These will be awarded to the players with lowest total scores in each division.


The MPO title tiebreaker will be played on holes 16, 17 and 18 (loop). Other tiebreakers (FPO and 2022 USDGC/TPWDGC qualifying spots) are played on holes 1, 2 and 3 while the event is still in progress.


PDGA rules mandate that two scoring methods must be used during the round. European Open 2022 uses paper scorecards and Udisc live scoring with statistics.
Each group will receive paper scorecards from the starter at the hole 1 tee. UDisc scoring codes will be handed to the group there too.

After your round check your hole scores on paper scorecards and Udisc scores matches. Return the scorecards to the scoring station inside the VIP motorhome next to the hole 18 after your round.

The UDisc application is available for iOS and Android devices. Please check more information about UDisc here - it’s a good idea to get familiar with the app & stats before the event.

Tee times

Tee times will be published on the European Open and PDGA website on the evening before the tournament round. Tee times for the first round will be published at Wednesday's players meeting. At the latest.

Tee times for each round are available on the PDGA website and on UDisc.

Due to DGN live broadcast schedules, all FPO division rounds are played in the morning (FPO lead card tees off at circa 9 AM every round). MPO lead card tees off circa 3 PM every round.

Cut for the 4th round

For Sunday, there will be a 50% cut. Top 60 MPO players plus ties and top 16 FPO players plus ties will make it to the 4th round.

Tournament payout

MPO payout

The winner of the European Open 2022 in the Mixed Pro Open division will get $12,000 in prize money. Second place takes home $8,000 and third place $6,000. Out of the total of 120 MPO-division players, the first 48 will receive prize money.

Place US$ Place US$
1 $12,000 25 $800
2 $8,000 26 $775
3 $6,000 27 $750
4 $4,500 28 $725
5 $3,500 29 $700
6 $3,000 30 $675
7 $2,600 31 $650
8 $2,300 32 $625
9 $2,000 33 $600
10 $1,800 34 $580
11 $1,600 35 $560
12 $1,500 36 $540
13 $1,400 37 $520
14 $1,300 38 $500
15 $1,250 39 $480
16 $1,200 40 $470
17 $1,150 41 $460
18 $1,100 42 $450
19 $1,050 43 $440
20 $1,000 44 $430
21 $960 45 $420
22 $920 46 $410
23 $880 47 $400
24 $840 48 $400
MPO Totals $75,210

You can convert the US dollars ($) to euros (€) by using the current exchange rate: 0,98 (23rd of July)

FPO payout

The winner in the Female Pro Open division gets $8,000 in prize money. Second place earns $5,000 and third place $3,200 from the European Open 2022. Out of the total of 28 FPO-division players, the first 12 places will get prize money.

1 $8,000
2 $5,000
3 $3,200
4 $2,000
5 $1,440
6 $1,100
7 $900
8 $800
9 $700
10 $600
11 $550
12 $500
FPO Totals $24,790

You can change the US dollars ($) to euros (€) by using the current exchange rate: 0,98 (23rd of July)


The European Open is played on a temporary layout of the Nokia DiscGolfPark called the Beast. Check the course and tee maps here. The tournament course is basically the same as it’s been in the past, even though the 2022 edition of the Beast has been updated with some notable changes.

The course will be reserved for European Open players only for practice starting from Monday July 18th.

The Beast is reserved for the European Amateur Open from Friday, July 15th, through Sunday, July 17th. Only evening practice rounds are possible for the European Open participants during these days. Only Amateur Open participants are allowed on the course until one hour after the last tee time. (Circa 4 PM, please check from the event staff before you start your practice round.)

Warming up

On practice days (Mon-Tue) warming up takes place on the soccer field next to hole 16 tee. Putting baskets are available there and you can use the field as a driving range.

On event days, (Wed-Sun) the warm-up area is the main field. Putting baskets will be available at the warm-up area, and the field can be used as a driving range.

Please be careful when you’re retrieving your discs or throwing them in the warm-up areas.

Distance showcase

On Friday after the last group on green 18 will be a distance showcase.
You have a chance to get a spot for a showcase by throwing top 3 (MPO) and top 2 (FPO) results in a throwing booth by GameProofer right next to the Discmania proshop.


Caddies are allowed (only one per player) for both practice and competition play. Media policy applies to caddies as well. Prior approval from the event organization is required for taking photos or recording a video. You can take care of the approval at the info.

If a player has more entourage, they need to follow the play from the spectator areas.

Spotters and event staff

Spotters are present on the course on the tournament days, Wed - Sun.
There will be spotters on some of the holes. The spotters are there to help you in locating lost discs, making sure it’s safe to throw, and they’ll assist in determining where the disc crossed the OB line. The spotters are not officials. The group will make the final rulings & decisions.

The spotters are enthusiastic disc golfers who are volunteering in the event. They’re doing their best to make sure that you have a pleasant tournament experience.

Official social media hashtags

We encourage you to use our official European Open & Presidents Cup hashtags and tagging the European Open account

IG: @opendiscgolf,
FB: Disc Golf European Open

when posting updates from the event. Hashtags: #opendiscgolf #discgolfpresidentscup

Media policy

If you or your caddie are planning on shooting footage or covering your play at the European Open you really should get accredited by our staff before you do so. You can take care of this at the info desk.

Prizes and payout

The total purse of the event is $100.000.

Top 48 will receive prizes in the MPO division and top 12 in the FPO division.

Detailed prize payments info and instructions on how to receive your prize will be sent next week. The info will be available in English and in Finnish.

We’ll provide assistance in filling out the paperwork for taxation purposes starting from Friday, July 22nd. Just come to info and have your details with you. Reserve 15 minutes for taking care of this.

Contact info

If you require help or if you have any questions about the event please contact us. We’ll be reachable at the European Open tournament center during the event week.

Petri Anttiroiko
Tournament Director & Producer
Phone: +358 45 69 56 766

Jussi Meresmaa
Head of the European Open organization
Phone: +358 40 578 1474

Week schedule for the European Open 2022

Mon, July 18th Training day
All day Course reserved for EO participants
9 am - 5 pm Info desk open
Tue, July 19th Training day
All day Course reserved for EO participants
9 am - 5 pm Tournament center open
Wed, July 20th Presidents Cup
7 am -2 pm Course reserved for EO participants
All day Holes 4-8 and 12-14 open for practice.
2:45 pm - 7 pm Presidents Cup
~ 7:30 pm Players meeting & opening ceremony
9 am - 7 pm Info open
Thu, July 21st European Open Round 1
8 am - 6 pm EO Round 1
8 am First tee time
3 pm Last tee time
7:30 am - 7 pm Info open
Fri, July 22nd European Open Round 2
8 am - 6 pm EO Round 2
8 am First tee time
3 pm Last tee time
7:30 am - 7 pm Info open
Sat, July 23rd European Open Round 3
8 am - 6 pm EO Round 3
8 am First tee time
3 pm Last tee time
7:30 am - 7 pm Info open
Sun, July 24th European Open Final Round
9 am - 6 pm EO Round 4
9 am First tee time
3 pm Last tee time
8:30 am - 7 pm Info open
7 pm Awards & closing ceremony
Organizer reserves the right to change the schedule.