Information for the participants of the European Open 2019

European Open 2019 Basics

  • Date: 18-21 July 2019.
  • Location: Nokia DiscGolfPark, Hinttalankatu 6, 37100 Nokia, Finland.
  • 148 players: 128 in MPO division, 20 in FPO division.
  • Four 18-hole rounds.
    • All 148 players play during the first three rounds. Top 50% of players in each division (64 in MPO & 10 in FPO) advance to the final round based on the scores of first three rounds.

Stay on top of the European Open news at our website and in social media: Facebook & Instagram.


Please check the event week schedule at the website. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. All players will be informed about any changes made to schedule. Schedule is available here.

The location of the players meeting (Wed, July 17th at ~19.30, right after the Presidents Cup) is Nokia high school – the building behind the hole 14 green. Entrance is from the other side of the building.

Please take the player pass with you to the player meeting.

Tournament center

The heart of the event is the Nokia indoor ice rink. The tournament center includes all the facilities you need: tournament office, pro shop, toilets, kiosk… You’ll find several tasty options for lunch from the street food area just outside the tournament center. (Open Wed - Sun at peak hours.)

The address of the tournament center is Hinttalankatu 6, 37100 Nokia.

First aid is located at the info in the tournament center. In case of an emergency it’s best to call the emergency number though.

Emergency number: 112.


If you need to leave your car for the day please use the players parking lot on the gravel field starting from Wednesday July 17th. The driving route to the players parking lot is marked on the course map.


Every European Open player is required to register at the tournament center’s info desk before starting their 1st round on Thursday July 18th. As a part of the registration each player is required to sign a mandatory waiver. You can preview the waiver here.

The info is open for sign-ups:

  • Mon, July 15th: 9.00-17.00
  • Tue, July 16th: 9.00-17.00
  • Wed, July 17th: 9.00-19.00

Word about the info desk - it’s your go-to-location for almost anything. Just ask there and the info staff can at least point you to the right direction if they’re not able to immediately assist you.

Black (Hat) Party

Join us for the traditional Black (Hat) Party again! the tournament has ended – the Black (Hat) Party! These parties are legendary after parties for the players and staff of European Open. Evening filled with good food, great atmosphere and the best company - you all!

  • Time: Sunday 21st of July - 19:00
  • Location: The location is the same as in 2017 and the party will be as good as last time, if not even better! (The location is informed separately to the participants.)
  • Price: 20 euros - including quite delicious buffet style dinner, DJ-set for entertainment and some disc golf related activities - see the Hat Guy at the 1st tee or the info at the tournament center for menu and other information.
  • Where can I sign up? Let us know when you sign up for the tournament at the info or see The Hat Guy and let him know, hopefully you can do this by Wednesday, the 17th of July.
  • You can also pay at the same time. (Cash only though!)

PDGA Major Rules

PDGA’s Official Rules of Disc Golf and the rules for PDGA Major events are followed in the European Open.

Use of all kinds of tobacco products is prohibited during tournament rounds. Smoking is prohibited starting from when a player enters the 1st tee area 10 minutes prior to the tee time until the scorecard is returned. This includes electronic cigarettes and similar devices.

The PDGA dress code for Major events applies.

2019 USDGC Qualifying spots

European Open is a qualifying event for the 2019 United States Disc Golf Championship. Five USDGC spots are available and these will be awarded to the players with lowest total scores.


All tiebreakers are played on holes 16, 17 & 18. If other players with later tee times are still playing on these holes the play off can be played on holes 1, 2, 3, 9 & 10 while the event is still in progress. This includes possible tiebreakers for USDGC 2019 qualifying spots.

Scoring and UDisc statistics

Each group will receive scorecards from the starter at the hole 1 tee. Return the scorecards to the scoring station in the tournament center after your round. The paper scorecards are the official scores.

During your rounds you should stop at the scoring stations after holes 3, 8, 11 & 15. Hand your groups folder to the staff and let them record your scores. Then you can continue your way to the next hole.

We’ll use UDisc Live for scoring at the European Open. The great thing about UDisc Live is that it can be used to gather detailed statistics about players’ performances. This makes following disc golf more interesting and engaging for the fans around the world.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough staff to provide each group with a designated scorekeeper. Because of this we ask you, the players, to keep track of these stats during your competitive rounds. The UDisc application is available for iOS and Android devices and you get a free UDisc Pro subscription until the end of 2019 as a current PDGA member.

Please note that keeping track of UDisc statistics is not required from any players. However we hope that all players can see the benefits these additional stats bring to the spectators and also for the players themselves.

Please check more information about UDisc here - it’s a good idea to get familiar with the app & stats before the event.

Tee times

Tee times will be published on the European Open and PDGA website on the evening before the tournament round. Tee times for the first round will be published at the Wednesday’s players meeting. At the latest.

Check here for the tentative tee times of the European Open. Note that these are preliminary tee times and subject to change!

All 20 players of the FPO division start first on rounds 1 & 2 before switching to afternoon slot for rounds 3 & 4. We’re aiming to publish same-day post-produced video content with this arrangement from rounds 1 & 2. The afternoon slot on rounds 3 & 4 makes it easier for onsite spectators to follow the FPO division’s top cards.


The European Open is be played on a temporary layout of the Nokia DiscGolfPark called the Beast. Check the course map and individual hole maps here. The tournament course is basically the same as it has been in the past but there are always some minor changes.

The course will open for practice starting from Monday July 15th.

Warming up

Putting baskets will be available at the warm-up area. The warm-up area also provides a driving range. Please be careful when you’re retrieving your discs from the left side of the warm-up field, it’s close to the hole 10 basket and some throws land on the field. (Watch out for players putting on hole 10 when you’re warming up yourself as well!)

The very competent personal trainer Santtu Lehto from Fysic is also running guided warm-up sessions at the warm-up area. The sessions are available Friday-Sunday starting from one hour before the first tee time and ending about 30 minutes before the last tee time.


Caddies are allowed (one per player) for both practice and competition play. Media policy applies to caddies as well. Prior approval from the event organization is required for taking photos or recording a video.

Spotters and other event staff

There will be spotters on some of the holes. The spotters are there to help you in locating lost discs, making sure it’s safe to throw, and they’ll assist in determining where the disc crossed the OB line. The spotters are not officials. The group will make the final rulings & decisions.

The spotters are enthusiastic disc golfers who are volunteering in the event. They’re doing their best to make sure that you have a pleasant tournament experience.

The PDGA officials of the European Open 2019 are named separately.

Official social media hashtags

We encourage you to use our official European Open & Presidents Cup hashtags and tagging the European Open account (IG: @opendiscgolf, FB: Disc Golf European Open) when posting updates from the event. Hashtags: #opendiscgolf #discgolfpresidentscup

Media policy

If you are planning on shooting footage or covering your play at the European Open you should contact Jussi Meresmaa:

Contact info

If you require help or if you have any questions about the event please contact us. We’ll be reachable at the European Open tournament center during the event week.

Jukka Teräs
Tournament Director & Producer
Phone: +358 40 538 7464

Jussi Meresmaa
Head of the European Open organization
Phone: +358 40 578 1474